The Blue Line Series


panoramic view of mt colden mt jo and wright peak with a huge field of yellow canola flowers in the forefround in the high peak region of the adirondack mountains.


In 1892, New York Governor Roswell Flowers and the New York Legislature created the Adirondack Park. This six million acre state park combines pristine wilderness with 102 town and villages. The area is designated on maps with a blue line. When you are in the Adirondacks, exploring its natural beauty, enjoying family and making friends, you are living life "Inside the Blue Line!"

Our first of many "Inside the Blue Line" tees pays homage to the majestic Mount Marcy. At 5344 feet, it is the highest of all the Adirondacks High Peaks. How do you reach it? Hike. Look closely and you will find contour lines of Mount Marcy's topographical mapping. Enjoy the trails in this soft tri-blend tee, celebrate the ADK and know that you are supporting the sustainability of life "Inside the Blue Line" for future generations. A portion of proceeds from The Blue Line Series will go to the ADK Mountain Club Trail Alliance and Summit Stewardship Program.